Welcome to Shawn's Charity Guide! This is a repository of my research about charities. I wanted to make sure that the money I donated was spent efficiently, and effectively. Based on my Charity Assessment for 2011, I have come up with my top recommendations for charitable giving.

You can view the long, boring charity assessment in full, or read the summary of the for each section on this website:

For disaster relief, you can donate to the Humanitarian Coalition when a crisis araises. If you wanted to sponsor a child that would otherwise grow up impovershed, I'd recommend Plan Canada.

But my #1 charity of choice is the NGO Oxfam Canada. For real change driven by the people themselves, Oxfam Canada is the charity I donate to when I want to make the world a better place.

My recommendations are based on how well they work, what their aim is, their financial efficiency and being open, honest and non-discriminatory.