Why I Support Oxfam

  • Oxfam has the optimal efficiency of 80% of your money getting to where it needs to be.
  • They are the first Canadian charity to be an independent, anonymous survey of their partners.
  • This survey rated them very highly as being highly satisfied with Oxfam's support, happy with Oxfam's approach of building relationships and communication, and being respectful of the local partners and community.
  • They are rated by the community partners they work with as being responsive to their needs, respectful of their values and building relationships by anonymous, independent surveys.
  • The are impartial in who they give their support to.
  • They are independent from government control.
  • They have innovative programs.
  • Their method is to support the community, which is willing to and capable of helping themselves.
  • Their aim is to support communities developing their own capacity, rather than rely on aid.
  • They respect the values and independence of the disenfranchised, disposed and poor in the communities they work with.