Barrie Community

What about help right here at home, where we have starving children, people with no homes, victims of violence and perpetrators we need straightened out? Well, I have the charity for you. This is a tolerant, open, non-discriminatory charity working to deal with crime and poverty right here in Barrie.

It's called the Elizabeth Fry Society of Simcoe County. They have a grocery assistance program (a food bank), a woman's shelter, the work with Barrie Out Of the Cold, they run a halfway house, they work with men in the justice system when the courts order them to take courses to straighten them out.

Don't live in Barrie? You can probably find one near you.

Note: I haven't gone over their financial statements, but have worked with them in the past, had them speak to an organization I run about what they do for a couple hours, and know and trust people who work with them constantly.